The finish of the doors of Beek Deuren in Wekerom is outstanding. The following is an overview of the available finish options. In the request a quote form you can select the desired product and its finish.

Glass section/glass panel

When you opt for a glass section, the door is fitted with a window.

Anti-draught brushes on door posts

When you opt for anti-draught brushes, the doors at all door posts are fitted with anti-draught brushes. These brushes are mounted on the door and provide a flexible and sustainable seal. This prevents draughts in your building.

Simultaneous locking cylinder

A simultaneous locking cylinder provides convenience in larger projects with multiple doors. In such a system the locking permutation of all cylinders in every door is equal and as a result all doors can be locked and opened with the same key.

Rain cover

Rain cover above door Beek Deuren also supplies rain covers above doors.

Wicket door built into sliding door

Beek Deuren supplies wicket doors that are built into the sliding door. When there only is space for large sliding doors, this is a welcome solution. The prevents you from having to open large doors to gain access to a hall.

Cooling grating built into sliding door

To provide for sufficient ventilation inside an object, the sliding doors can be fitted with cooling or ventilation grating.

Mechanical code lock with release

To prevent unauthorised guests from entering your object, Beek Deuren can fit swing doors with mechanical code locks with a release function. In this case you do not need a key to open the door and instead the door can be opened by entering a code.

Door closer/spring

A door closer is a mechanical device that is mounted at the top of a door and that ensures that the door automatically closes after it has been opened.

Storm chain

A storm chain ensures that a door cannot swing too far open causing it to slam against a wall or causing it to become dislocated. Its strength is determined on the basis of the door’s weight.