Doors for agriculture and industry

Beek Deuren, a subsidiary of Beek Montage BV in Wekerom, is a leading company that has been a producer and supplier of doors for agriculture and industry  since 2009. The doors are used in a diverse variety of projects.


Municipal aesthetics requirements are constantly being refined throughout the country. Beek Deuren’s doors fully comply with all of these requirements.


Beek Deuren doors stand out in terms of materials and finish. They guarantee long-term ease of use, entirely in line with a company’s own style. We can supply doors of the same colour and structure as the wall plating.


Beek Deuren doors are used for interior as well as exterior applications in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The doors are made to measure for each individual project.


Beek Deuren supplies sliding doors in any dimension, large swing doors, wicket doors and overhead doors. Check out the back of this flyer for an overview of a number of recent projects.


The frame and the surround of the door are made of aluminium. The intervening space is filled with a rubber seal. The door leaves are made of sandwich panels. On request, the door leaves can also be made of sheet piling.


As an option, the doors can be equipped with windows and simultaneous locking cylinders. If desired, the aluminium profiles can be coated in any desired colour. The sliding doors can be finished with a wicket door or windbreak mesh.