Beek Deuren Wekerom

Top class doors for agriculture and industry

Beek Deuren in Wekerom is a leading company that has been a producer and supplier of doors for agriculture and industry since 2009. In recent years, the company has expanded to a team of eight dedicated staff who work on the widest range of projects throughout the Netherlands and beyond, on a daily basis.

Doors for agriculture and industry

Due to growth in the demand for high-quality doors for the agricultural and industrial sector, Beek Montage developed its own doors that are marketed under the Beek Deuren name. These robust sliding and swing doors have been used in numerous projects in recent years.

Flexible and professional

The limited size of our company means that we can operate flexibly, the lines of communication are short, and changes in process can be anticipated quickly. As a result, we are able to work efficiently to ensure competitive prices, and the risk of unplanned additional work is sharply reduced.


Apart from the fact that Beek Deuren sets stringent requirements for the doors its supplies, municipal aesthetics requirements are constantly being refined. Beek Deuren’s doors fully comply with, and even exceed, these requirements.


The doors can be installed both inside and outside. The doors are entirely made to measure in our own workshop for every project. Beek Deuren supplies sliding doors in any dimension, swing doors, wicket doors and overhead doors. Check out the project page with an overview of a number of recent projects.


The frame and the surround of the door are made of aluminium. The intervening space is filled with a rubber seal. The door leaves are made of sandwich panels. On request, the door leaves can also be made of sheet piling. As an option, the doors can be equipped with windows and simultaneous locking cylinders. On request, the aluminium profiles can be coated in any desired colour.